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Juan Riboldi

Juan Riboldi

President and Principal, Ascent Advisor

Go deeper with our Strategy Acceleration program

Strategy Acceleration delivers expert advice, best-in-class instruction, and practical tools tailored to the unique needs and strategic goals of individual leaders, the executive team, or the entire enterprise. With Strategy Acceleration you will be able to:

  • Make strategic decisions

  • Align leaders to a shared vision

  • Deploy strategy implementation teams

  • Accelerate execution of key projects

  • Deliver critical results every 100 days

How it works

Strategy Acceleration is a system for strategy execution that combines best practices instruction and the most innovative thinking, coupled with live professional advise from a top strategy consultant, Q&A coaching support, with all the tools and templates you need to succeed.

Strategy session

Live 1-on-1 professional 1-hour strategy consultation with a top strategy consultant at a scheduled time to go over specific goals and situations.

Online training

Access 7 online training sessions, including 21 key insights and practical tools, informing you on the best ideas and the latest thinking on strategy execution.

Application tools

Access the entire library of selected readings, videos, slide presentations, checklists and handouts you can watch online and download to facilitate meetings.

Q&A sessions

Live professional 1-hour Q&A sessions held weekly at set times where you can learn from others and get your own questions answers by a consultant.

5 Steps to driving strategic results in 100 days

Escape the time-consuming, energy-draining and low-impact strategy execution practices most companies usually follow. Apply a proven system to execute strategies that deliver real value and engage employees.

About Juan Riboldi

For over 20 years, Juan has been advising leaders at the highest levels of business, education and government on strategy, organization and execution.

Juan is trusted advisor to innovative leaders of progressive companies on strategic decisions to achieve breakthrough results.

Juan is a speaker and author of the book The Path of Ascent: The 5 Principles for Mastering Change. He has completed graduate business degrees and executive education at BYU, UMN, Wharton and Harvard.

He consults with executives at fast growing companies as well as well-established corporations. He has worked in various industries and has extensive international experience.

Juan Riboldi

Juan Riboldi

President and Principal, Ascent Advisor
Founder of 3 successful startups - Advisor to CEOs on key decisions - Coach to executives of top brands