Kevin Flood

Senior Advisor - Library Planning Consultant




“The most important asset of any library goes home at night – the library staff.”

-Timothy Healy


Professional Background

Kevin Flood is a consultant in the areas of public programs and executive development. During his career he concentrated on developing public programs centered on increasing the public’s access to the educational and information holdings of libraries and archives.

Kevin’s career path has concentrated in programs that have been in need of mission and operational evaluation and the changes necessary to keeping a program viable and mission driven. Critical to success in those endeavors was the understanding of the changing needs and demands of the programs’ funders and constituents. In his last 20 years of work at the Library of Congress, he acted as both a program director and an in-house consultant to many of the Library’s programs having public responsibilities. His various consulting assignments focused on creating operational effectiveness using strategic planning, change management, organizational realignment, staffing, and evaluation.

His primary skill areas are program analysis and development, strategic planning, evaluation, budgeting, reimbursable program design and customer relations. As an independent agent, Kevin consulted with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, The Association of Research Libraries and The Department of Veterans Affairs in their public program areas. Other consulting assignments focused on assessment, strategic planning and realignment to meet new needs, technologies and budgets. As an advocate for meeting the changing needs of the Library of Congress he has followed the evolution of public library programs as they have responded to the changing demands of the funding sources, copyright issues, the law and the public. He currently consults at the executive level for the S&R Foundation in Washington D.C., a leading national business incubator program. The Foundation focuses on recruiting individuals with products and ideas that have the potential to serve the greatest public need.

After a 40 year senior management career with the federal government, Kevin completed the one year Columbia University Executive Coaching Certification program. He also earned a M.Ed. in Instructional Design from Wayne State University.

Career Experience

Kevin’s 40 year senior management career was equally divided between the National Archives of the United States and the Library of Congress.

While at the National Archives, Kevin served in a variety of senior management positions managing and developing public business programs, including the Executive Secretary of the National Archives Trust Fund Board, Director of Publishing, Director of the National Audiovisual Center, and the federal government’s media acquisition and distribution program. His assignments were focused on creating public program growth between the Archives and the general public and public libraries.

While at the Library of Congress Kevin served as the Retail Marketing Advisor to the Office of the Librarian of Congress, Public Services Officer, Director of Media Duplication, and Business Development Officer. After retirement, Kevin was brought back to the Library to continue to consult on the development of public programs, business contacts and negotiations and program evaluation.

In both institutions, Kevin was responsible for creating and/or reorganizing financially self-sustaining programs that were operated on business-like standards, a unique status within the federal government. Additionally, Kevin also consulted with an equal number of traditionally funded public programs. For 15 years, Kevin served as a mentor to mid and senior-management staff on the concepts of effective decision making and the management of change.

In addition to his business duties, Kevin created two accredited 11-week college-level classes– “Introduction to Marketing” and “Developing the Business Plan.” Kevin taught these and other advanced marketing classes for 17 years. A large percentage of the students were from the public and non-profit sectors looking for new ideas to strengthen their public programs.


Kevin took charge of the National Archives Trust Fund Board (a non-appropriated program) at the point of bankruptcy and within a year created an operational surplus of over $1 million. The Trust Fund Board employed over 175 staff nationwide.

As Assistant Director of the National Audiovisual Center, he increased overall revenue by 100% and net profit by 60% in the space of 2 years. The program served the K-16 market and public libraries.

As Director of the National Audiovisual Center he reported directly to The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and was responsible for the yearly management of Circular A-130. This required the coordination and acquisition of data from all federal agencies including the Department of Defense, measuring their worldwide media production assets.

He coordinated the creation of accounting standards for all Trust Fund financial programs of the National Archives including the Presidential Libraries’ public sales programs.

He conducted seminars in Moscow on how museums, archives and libraries could begin to make commercial assessments of the value of their holdings in the museum and library marketplaces.

He wrote specifications for comprehensive business management systems and was the chief staff member on procurement of several customer services networks.