Case Studies

Practical Solutions to Critical Challenges

We find practical solutions to our client’s most critical challenges. Our work focuses on building innovative, collaborative, and empowering workplaces where people and business thrive.

Lack of strategic focus resulted in declining revenues and morale; Clarified the company’s strategic vision to focus all employees on the company’s goal.

Engagement is the voluntary dedication to doing one’s best work. When people apply their hearts and minds to what they do, they become fully engaged.

Large scale project required managing the change process so the solutions could be implementable; Organized and trained Change Champions to facilitate project implementation.

Slow progress and inconsistent implementation of even some of the most critical projects; Organized the Kaizen Board as a cross-functional group to accelerate innovation and improvement.

CVM leaders decided to transform the agency into a high performing organization; Organized the Ascent Partners as a cross-functional group to accelerate innovation and improvement.

You can achieve faster and lasting results when you build on what’s already working, rather than focusing on fixing what’s broken.

El Pollo Loco was needing a stronger commitment to engagement at all levels. Considering the unique needs of El Pollo Loco’s diverse workforce, the engagement started by listening to employees to define engagement on their terms.

Technology product consistently missed market deadlines causing customer complaints and low competitiveness; Implemented agile project execution principles and practices.