Meet Cour Customers and learn their stories

Russ Gentner

CEO, Listen Technologies

Juan Riboldi played a key role at Listen Technologies in strategic decisions and implementing changes that are delivering great results.

Robin Johnson

CEO, Financial Times, Search-Newssift

Juan clearly shows his expertise in culture change. This is a must for performance oriented leadership.

Bernadette Dunham

D.V.M., Ph.D. Director of the U.S. FDA - CVM

I sincerely appreciate the value that Juan Riboldi brought trough this fabulous program to enhancing our culture.

Jim Phillips

CEO, Digital Gateway

Juan Riboldi played a critical role in the most successful year in the history of our company. His program helped us achieve a record year.

Wayne Naumann

General Manager, Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Juan Riboldi brought a program that helped us deliver on key customer requirements by improving operational effectiveness and enhancing employee engagement.

Kevin Ricklefs

VP, CHG Healthcare Services

A practical and powerful approach for implementing organizational change.

Mike Rude

VP HR, Stryker Corporation

Juan Riboldi contributed deep insights and practical expertise for successful leadership and organizational change.

Heath Harper

Change Management Specialist, FCO Flowserve

Juan literally changed the course of my career and the division I work for. His mentoring, coaching and ability to develop leadership behaviors in others is unparalleled.

Leo Hopf

CEO, Teamhopf

Juan Riboldi does a wonderful job of bringing the organization into alignment from top to bottom. He focuses on what matters and keeps teams all pulling in the same direction. I endorse Juan wholeheartedly.

Eric Dubbin

Organizational Development
U.S. FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine

The Ascent Program has helped our organization effectively deal with continual changes. The Ascent Process has created clarity for initiatives that have been stuck for months (and sometimes years). We have also learned better planning for new initiatives so we reach our goals quicker and with less turmoil.

Jeanne Scott, VP

Human Resources
El Pollo Loco

This is powerful advice for any organization embarking on a major change initiative.

Patrick Gallagher, VP

Financial Times

The Five Ascent Principles work as an extremely effective means to deal with organizational change. The principles were very well-received, particularly by senior executives. I would definitely recommend this process to any executive who needs to apply structure to the most uncertain of times.

Denise Phelps

Director, Center for Organizational Development,
Mercy Medical Hospital

The Ascent Principles are based on real-life experience of the successes and failures of 50 companies which underwent radical change. This is an essential process for any leader faced with major organizational change. Ascent provides a simple roadmap to success.

Quality Assurance Manager

Marilyn Holland
1st Global

The Ascent Process takes a comprehensive look at the nature of change and how we can positively respond to it. I highly recommended this for anyone desiring change mastery!

Robyn Warr

Human Resources Director
Lenox Advisors

The Ascent Program delivers practical insights and well researched answers that will benefit any organization going through change.

Richard Condit

Chief Administratve Officer
Sundt Construction

This is powerful advice for any organization embarking on a major change initiative.


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