Ascent Workshop

Improving Team Performance

Too many initiatives. Competing priorities. Can’t move fast enough. Low accountability for results.

If teams in your organization struggle to keep up with increasing demands and meet performance expectations, we have a solution. Based on over 20 years of research and work in the trenches, we have developed a proven process for boosting team performance in 100 days. We know what it takes!

The Ascent Workshop brings an entire team to discuss root causes, create a performance plan, and take decisive action. Following the Ascent method, participants will tackle their most pressing work priorities. This is an engaging approach that empowers team members to take action. In the process, they will be taking the entire team to the next level.

Through the Ascent Workshop participants will:

• Solve a critical team challenge
• Gain valuable insights for leading positive change
• Create a plan for taking the group to the next level


• Create a 100-day plan to achieve critical results in 100 days


• Ascent Profile Assessment
• One-Day Ascent Workshop
• 100-Day Ascent Plan
• Follow-up Coaching

Practice Areas:

• Build Common Purpose
• Clarify Direction
• Develop Capacity
• Inspire Commitment
• Achieve Results

Take Aways:

• Book: The Path of Ascent
• 100-Day Ascent Plan
• Ascent Process Card


• Increase team performance in 100 days


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