What We Do

Making Change Work

We assist leaders in implementing change. We bring the skills, tools and process to help people and teams master rapid change. From training internal change agents to directly facilitating change, we help leaders improve, grow, startup, and integrate teams and organizations.

The following practice areas describe our focus for change.

Improving Effectiveness
Increasing revenue
Reducing costs
Improving quality
Accelerating Growth
Clarifying priorities
Developing capacity
Achieving results
Integrating Acquisitions
Realigning talent
Reviewing processes
Integrating cultures
Starting a New Venture
Selecting key players
Clarifying roles
Building teamwork
Transforming Leadership
Defining values
Assessing practices
Changing behaviors

Every individual, team and organization is changing. But change does not always mean that results are better. Most organizational changes fail to address the people component. We help you take the steps to achieve a successful transition. Does your organization have the skills, tools and processes to master rapid change?

Our services include:

  • Assessments
  • Workshops
  • Certification
  • 100-Day Projects
  • To learn more about Ascent Advisor please download our information kit below. This kit includes a preview of “The Path of Ascent”, a white paper entitled “How to Change for the Better”, and client testimonials.

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