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The Five Keys to Managing Millenials

The Five Keys to Managing Millenials

They have never used a rotary phone. By 2025, they will make up 75% of the workplace. How is your company helping Millennials become contributors and leaders? We are in the middle of the Millennials, Generation Y, joining the workforce in full force. Every generation approaches the workplace and their career in a slightly different mindset.

    Consider the following:
  • Millennials grew up with smartphones and the internet – they want instant feedback and transparency.
  • 75% say that being wealthy is very important to them (45% for Baby Boomers)
  • Over 1.7 million college graduates will enter the workforce in 2013 – they want you to hire them!
  • 79% think they should be able to wear jeans to work every day.
  • 85% of hiring managers feel Millennials have more of a sense of entitlement than previous generations
  • 56% believe they should receive a promotion within 1 year.

Join Ascent Advisor for our webinar on managing and engaging Millennials. Paul Savage will discuss common problems and solutions that will help you bring out the best in your new employees.

Into the Fishbowl, Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion:

Inside the Fishbowl

On April 24th, Ascent Advisor hosted CEO David Williams and President Mary Scott from Fishbowl Inventory as webinar guests to answer questions on how to build a great company. Williams and Scott are Forbes contributors, are published in Harvard Business Review and have a book coming out this fall, “ The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning - Tying Soft Traits to Hard Results.”

    Fishbowl Inventory's stellar resume includes:
  • Company buy-back and shared ownership with employees
  • Inc. 5000 for 5 straight years
  • Red Herring Award – U.S. and Global 2012
  • Inc. Hire Power 2012
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 500

Change is Inevitable Growth is Optional

Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional

Taking your Organization to the Next Level

Ascent Advisor’s Juan Riboldi, author of “The Path of Ascent,” describes how great companies approach change from the start to produce immediate and lasting results.
The increasing uncertainty and competition in today’s market is affecting all of us. The question is not if your organization needs to change, but how it can benefit from those changes. Growing in times of change is a choice.
Your ability to create a shared vision of success, align resources around a clear strategy, seize opportunities in change, while engaging employees in the process is the key to your organization’s success. Seasoned consultant and author, Juan Riboldi, will share insightful practices, a proven process, and practical tools for leading your organization forward.

Silo Busters: Harnessing the Power of Teamwork

Silo Busters:

Harnessing the Power of Teamwork

Don't let your company’s performance be held hostage by silos.
Turf battles, competing priorities, and poor communication between departments have crippled even the best run organizations. Most leaders spend their days addressing team troubles that threaten productivity, quality and morale. Low trust, lack of focus, weak commitment, poor capabilities, and delayed results are the issues that can render potentially good organizations dysfunctional.
Silo Busters is a practical solution to put an end to divisive challenges and get back to working as a team.

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