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"The Path of Ascent" by: Juan Riboldi

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Critical Success in
100 Days:

The Five Ascent Principles for Mastering Change
By Juan Riboldi

Change we must and inevitably we will. But much of what is changing in today’s world is not for the better. Signs of decline are everywhere. To ascend, change must result in an improvement that benefits everyone. The Path of Ascent reveals how people and organizations ascend . . . and why most don’t.
Fix This Team!
Why Teams Underperform. . . and How They Can Excel
By Juan Riboldi

Every team is perfectly organized to produce the results it is currently getting. If you want to improve team performance, avoid the temptation to address surface problems. Take the time to look carefully into root causes and link them to desired outcomes. This article describes a process for resolving recurring team performance issues quickly and effectively.
Not Another Change!
Five Ways to Overcome Resistance to Change
By Juan Riboldi

Faced with the need to change, people tend to resist it. Change is difficult! People need to buy-into the need for change, by experiencing its benefits. Our research shows five distinct root causes hindering change, and common concerns a change must address if it is going to succeed.

Tapping Into Hearts and Minds:
Creating the Conditions for Engaging your Workforce
By Juan Riboldi

Leaders have always known that it is through people—their employees mainly—that they achieve desired business results. Just how engaged are the people in your organization? Their level of engagement determines their performance and your results. Learn five strategies for unleashing your worker’s full productive potential.

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