100-Day Projects

Achieve Critical Results

Do you want to achieve critical results in a timely manner?

With an increased emphasis on rapid results, companies can no longer afford to initiate a change and simply hope it works. In a time when extra costs and risks must be minimized, failed change initiatives can quite literally drown a business. To eliminate these uncertainties and growing concerns, it is crucial that leaders rely on proven approach and dedicated resources to reach crucial results.

Ascent Advisor brings experienced results-oriented professionals to bring focus and accountability to your goals. We work alongside with the people in your organization, to transfer our knowledge and skills so results can be replicated over time. We define measurable objectives that can be achieved in 100 days. We guarantee at least a four-fold return on your investment -- 4 x ROI in 100 days!.

The following client testimonial video describes how we can help your organization achieve critical results in 100 days!

Achieve results in 100 days by bringing a dedicated team focused on your priorities. In the process, we transfer the skills, and tools to build your organization's capacity. We train and coach change champions who are able to replicate success after we leave.

Our approach delivers positive results from the start that continue over time. You will get the job done right and efficiently.

Practice Areas:

• Improving Effectiveness
• Accelerating Innovation
• Integrating Acquisitions
• Starting a New Venture
• Transforming Leadership

Key Deliverables:

1. The Ascent Process: Apply a proven process for leadership & organizational excellence
2. Change Champions: Develop specialized resources to facilitate improvements
3. Business Reviews: Set a pattern for tracking and reporting results using scorecards
4. Envision Success: Create a shared story of success describing vision, mission and values
5. Strategic Clarity: Clarify how objectives, scope and advantage turn into priorities
6. Talent Alignment: Get the right people in the right roles and responsibilities
7. Agile Improvements: Streamline core work processes
8. Leadership Development: Develop managers into stronger leaders
9. Team Engagement: Coach key players to reach their full potential
10. Achieve Results: Achieve 4 X ROI in 100 day intervals
To learn more about Ascent Advisor please download our information kit below. This kit includes a preview of “The Path of Ascent”, a white paper entitled “How to Change for the Better”, and client testimonials.

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