Learning from the Change Masters

The Path of Ascent:
The Five Principles for Mastering Change

Can you tell if a change is going to succeed or fail? If you know what to look for, you can recognize the pattern of change you and your team are currently taking. As a result, you will be able to steer the change effort in the right direction. This single, most valuable insight can save you and your organization unnecessary frustration and painful losses.

This presentation reveals the keys for making change work in today’s fast-changing environment. Based on his wide experience consulting with leaders of organizations large and small and his research into 50 organizations that undertook major transformations, Juan Riboldi presents a proven process for long-lasting and positive change.

Empower your workforce and energize your leaders with insightful ideas and practical tools for making change work. Learn from the change masters at organizations that prospered from change, by taking The Path of Ascent.

This presentation describes the Five Ascent Principles™, which, when applied correctly, can help a leader, a team, or an organization make the most of their opportunity for change. Participants learn a framework to begin their own upward climb to greater success. The framework includes the following:

  • A clear choice between the ever-increasing success of the Path of Ascent or the ups and downs of the Roller Coaster Ride that most organizations follow.
  • Timeless principles for leading successful change at work and in one's personal life.
  • Insightful ideas and memorable stories filled with practical applications of the Five Ascent Principles.
  • A proven process to improve performance and to achieve better results.
  • Online access to Ascent Tools for improving team and organizational performance.
  • Above all, this presentation will inspire leaders to embrace change and rise above their current challenges to take a winning position in today's marketplace. The slides below highlight key concepts from this presentation. You may share these slides with others in your organization, or request a presentation tailored to your company's needs.

    About the Speaker

    Juan Riboldi is the President and Principal Advisor at Ascent Advisor, a consulting firm specializing in leadership and organizational change. Juan is an accomplished consultant, executive coach, public speaker, and author. He is a keynote speaker at leadership confenreces, industry associations and corporate retreats. He has taught executive courses at Harvard Business School, Pepperdine University, and Brigham Young University. An avid triathlete and sailor, Juan resides with his family in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains.

    To learn more about Ascent Advisor please download our information kit below. This kit includes a preview of “The Path of Ascent”, a white paper entitled “How to Change for the Better”, and client testimonials.

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